WordPress Web Developers

Why Use WordPress?

  • WordPress powers nearly 30% of all the websites on the internet.
  • It has a huge development community, so you'll always be able to find a web developer to help you.
  • It's been around since 2003.
  • You'll always find plenty of people to help you with your website.
  • The focus of the WordPress core team is on making the running of a website open to everyone.
  • WordPress is open source software.
  • Most web hosting companies are so familiar with WordPress websites that they have setup packages ready to go.
  • It is the most popular content management system on the planet, taking up more than half of all websites running on a CMS.
  • Lots of plugins and best practices to let you focus on digital marketing, rather than running your website.
  • Intuitive interface and features.
  • Many companies in your area (like Intelliwolf here in Perth, WA) have a long history of WordPress maintenance and continuing development.
  • The preferred platform for most digital agencies and web designers.


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Can You Customize this Thing for Me?

Whether we can customize something on your WordPress website depends on what you're trying to do. Generally we will be able to help you.

Because there are so many ways to design and develop a WordPress site, we look at each request individually. Even after all these years, we still come across new ways to improve things like User Experience, website designs and mobile WordPress usage. Our Perth based team can meet with you to design and develop a solution that fits what you're trying to do. But before jumping into development, we try to check whether other digital marketing agencies or programmers have built any elements. Building on the work of others means we can deliver your project faster.

Why Intelliwolf for WordPress Development?

We have worked with WordPress since 2007, when it was in its infancy. It now powers 29% of all the websites worldwide, making it the leading platform. What's so good about that? You never need to worry about support. If you build on a custom platform and the web developers can't do something you need, you won't be able to find anyone else without rebuilding your whole website.

We are part of the larger wordpress development community, having:

  • Released courses on WordPress website design
  • Programmed and supported WordPress plugins that run on tens of thousands of sites
  • Regularly consulted on various integrations of WooCommerce (the primary eCommerce platform for the¬†WordPress content management system)
  • Built thousands of WordPress sites of our own or for clients
  • Developed on all the major themes, including Genesis, Avada, Astra and Beaver Themer
  • Custom coded both plugins and themes from scratch where another option wasn't available
  • Created child themes to avoid our customizations being overwritten when plugins or themes are updated
  • Built our own¬†WordPress templates
  • Worked with many different web hosting companies and seen all the ways that small changes can affect clients' businesses
  • Created our own mobile WordPress templates that are so fast tuned to the user experience of clients' businesses that you'd think they were native mobile jQuery apps

Intelliwolf is a Perth based WordPress website design company, so if you're also in Perth, WA, we can actually sit with you to go through what you need from a digital agency. If you're not in Perth, we can meet over Skype.

The way we work is to setup your site in a way that you can run it yourself. If you prefer to have someone look after your site for you, we have WordPress maintenance plans. You're not going to be out of your depth if you choose to work with us.

WordPress development consulting is one of our largest practice areas. Contact us today if you're stuck and need help on your site.

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